Learn Mindfulness Practices To Develop Resilience, So You Naturally Resist The Damaging Impact Of Stress, Age, And Anxiety With SCIENTIFICALLY-Proven Processes 
Join Mindfulness Pioneer, Jayney Goddard, As She Reveals Key Mindfulness Practices You Can Use To Quickly Develop Radical Resilience To Live A Longer, Happier, Stress-Free Life


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What’s Included In The Mindfulness & Resilience Academy...
Lifetime Access to Online Training
The Mindfulness & Resilience Academy is one of the world’s largest online resources on the subject (possibly the largest ever  compiled). Over the course, Jayney takes you through the scientific evidence, mindfulness protocols, daily practices, neurobiology, and her specific systems for resisting the impact of stress and age, for feeling happier, returning wonder and joy to your daily life, and increasing your longevity naturally. 

Learn the practices, protocols, and systems at your own pace and enjoy being able to revisit the modules anytime you want, for as long as you need. To fully support you on your learning journey you will enjoy lifetime access to the course materials. In fact, once you’ve worked your way through the course and become a fully qualified Mindfulness & Resilience Practitioner you may also choose to use the course platform as your ‘go-to’ reference guide for years to come. 

The ONLY Professional Mindfulness Manual for Developing Resilience to Stress
Jayney has penned several bestselling books and countless magazine articles, so she knows the power of the written word better than most, especially when it comes to supporting your learning. The Academy includes a beautifully compiled manual which mirrors the course modules, for you to use as you go through the materials. Everyone, no matter their experience, can use this supporting manual to help easily learn and put into practice these scientifically shown methods for mastering Mindfulness & Resilience. The first 3 accompanying sections are available on launch with the related Academy learning modules, then weekly in line with the module release schedule.
LIVE Q&A Sessions with Jayney
Join Jayney monthly for LIVE Mastermind calls through a dedicated private Facebook group. You’re invited to join these calls as Jayney supports your learning with regular Q&A sessions. During these live and fully interactive sessions you can get answers to ALL your questions and even receive detailed advice on specific client issues, including how to work with even the trickiest of cases. All sessions are recorded, and posted within the Facebook Group so you can rewatch at your leisure. In short, you have access to Jayney’s ENTIRE lifetime of wisdom in a live setting.**
Official Mindfulness & Resilience Practitioner Certification
When you complete the Mindfulness & Resilience Academy and become a fully qualified Mindfulness & Resilience Practitioner. You will receive a certificate, signed by Jayney in recognition of your status as a Practitioner, and evidence that you’re a true professional. The CMA crest will also be featured on your certificate as further PROOF that you have completed what we think is the most advanced training on Mindfulness & Resilience anywhere in the world.*
FULL Accreditation from The Prestigious Complementary Medical Association and Study Membership
Jayney is the PRESIDENT of the CMA, and with over 30,000 registered practitioners Jayney knows what it takes to be successful in this space and also, just how powerful membership is for opening doors and accelerating professional growth. As soon as you enrol you will become a 'student member' of the CMA for one month (this is included as part of your course purchase). Then, once you have your certification, you will be eligible to apply to become a 'full member' of the Complementary Medical Association.

The CMA is one of the most highly regarded accreditation bodies and a globally recognised organisation. In fact, the CMA is often referred to as the 'Gold Standard' for accreditation and membership in the field of complementary healthcare. 

Jayney also knows your membership is the proof your clients want when verifying your quality. Joining the CMA is your chance to develop an instant network of experts and peers to help you grow both personally and professionally.

Exclusive Community Facebook Group
Membership in the Mindfulness & Resilience Academy gains you access to a private Facebook group. Here you’ll meet other students in Mindfulness and Resilience, find accountability partners, get the answers to your questions, and start new friendships with likeminded people who are driven to make the world a better and more interesting place through the proven power of Mindfulness!
10 Prospective Mindfulness Clients
Jayney wants you to find your first clients quickly and easily… Effortlessly in fact, and so to give you a big head start you will receive the contact details of 10 prospective clients …absolutely free once you have graduated and are ready to start! These are people who are actively looking for a Mindfulness & Resilience Practitioner to lower their stress and restore their balance and give them the tools to empower their lives. They’re actively looking and ready to pay for the privilege, and YOU will keep ALL of the income from those sessions. Booking just a FEW of these clients can even pay for the whole course!*
Academy Module Content... 

Module 1 

Introduction to Mindfulness

Join Jayney Goddard as she guides you through an overview of mindfulness and what she’ll be sharing in this Academy-level course. 

In this first module Jayney shares both what you’ll learn and why NOW is more important than ever to use that knowledge and put it into practice. She will explain the protocols and science-backed principles of the transformative power of mindfulness, including neuroplasticity, epigenetics, compassion, and lifestyle medicine. You will learn to master mindfulness using the relaxation response, understand the Five Pillars of Resilience (and how to use them), and how to cultivate and grow your own resilience. Plus, so much more.

  • ​​Introduction and Welcome
  • ​Introduction to Mindfulness
  • ​What is Mindfulness?
  • ​What Is Resilience and How Does It Contribute to Overall Health and Wellbeing? 
  • ​The 7 ‘C’s of Resilience and the Main Types
  • ​Resilience - What Does the Research Say?
  • ​Resilience Cultivation and How to Ascertain Our Own Resilience
  • ​The Five Pillars of Resilience 
  • ​Positive Psychology and Its role in Optimal Wellbeing
  • ​The Relaxation Response 
  • ​Relaxation Response Instructional Recording

Module 2

Using Mindfulness As a Form of Self-Care

In this module Jayney teaches you the practical, everyday applications of Mindfulness. You’ll learn how to use Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to amplify the impact of the relaxation response, as well as how to be mindful during exercising, eating, and in the workplace. She’ll also reveal Thich Nat Hahn’s powerful exercise for bringing mental balance whilst doing simple everyday tasks.  Jayney will teach you the impact that stress has on your DNA telomeres and your biological age, and how to counter it to naturally increase your longevity. Plus, you’ll learn how to generate fierce compassion in order to create emotional resilience.

  • ​Welcome to Mindfulness and Self-Care
  • ​Mindfulness Strategies That Really Work 
  • ​Yoga Nidra for Deep Sleep
  • ​Mindful Eating
  • ​Mindfulness In the Day-To-Day – Including Thich Nat Hahn’s ‘Doing the Dishes’ Exercise
  • ​Mindful Exercise
  • ​Being a Mindful Consumer
  • ​Your Biological Age and the ‘Minimal Effective Dose’ of Meditation
  • ​Mindfulness in the Workplace - Part 1
  • ​​Mindfulness in the Workplace - Part 2 - 7 Workplace Mindfulness Hacks
  • ​Fierce Self-Compassion to Build Emotional Resilience

Module 3

The Power of Kindness | 'Loving Kindness' and Random Acts of Kindness Practices 

This module is a deep dive into two powerful areas of Mindfulness & Resilience: Loving Kindness meditation and Random Acts of Kindness practices. Jayney reveals the scientific research into the benefits of Loving Kindness, who to include and how to find compassion, before taking you through an entire Loving Kindness meditation. After that she reveals the impact that Random Acts of Kindness can have on your longevity, what the research shows on how it impacts animal health, and different ways to implement them in your day to day.

  • ​Introduction to ‘Loving Kindness’
  • ​‘Loving Kindness’ – The Research
  • ​The Benefits of ‘Loving Kindness’ Meditation
  • ​How To Practise ‘Loving Kindness’ Meditation
  • ​Who's Who in ‘Loving Kindness’ Meditation
  • ​Introduction to Acts of Kindness
  • ​The Effects of ‘Loving Kindness’ on Telomere Length, Stress, and Animal Health
  • ​Random Acts of Kindness and Ideas for RAK In Your Life

Module 4

The Neurobiology of Happiness

In this module Jayney takes you behind the science of happiness. You’ll learn six different ways happiness can improve your health, how to cultivate happiness, and how to avoid hidden toxic traits that wear happiness as a ‘mask’. Jayney will then share her personal suggestions and favourite ways to further your happiness and cultivate it, easily every day.

  • ​What is Happiness, and Can it Be Measured?  
  • ​Six Ways Happiness Is Good for Your Health
  • ​How Do I Cultivate Happiness? Practical Exercises 
  •    ​- Exercise - Cultivating A Sense of Awe 
  •   ​ - Exercise - Best Possible Self
  •    ​- Exercise – Best Possible Self for Relationships
  • ​   - Exercise - Mental Subtraction of Positive Events
  •    ​- Exercise - Meaningful Photos
  •    ​- Exercise - The Gift of Time
  •    ​- Exercise - Time Capsule
  • ​Many More Ideas to Cultivate Happiness
  • ​What Are the Pitfalls and Limitations of Happiness?

Module 5.1

The Power of Gratitude

In the first part of this incredible module Jayney will dive into the power of practicing gratitude. Here you’ll get a look at the scientific evidence of how gratitude affects the brain, find the compelling reasons to introduce gratitude into your life, and why evolution has valued gratitude so much. You'll also discover the signs and signals that sincere gratitude sends, plus what blocks gratitude in our lives and how to remain resilient to those blocks.

  • ​​What Is Gratitude?
  • ​Why Practice Gratitude?
  • ​What Does Gratitude Look Like in The Brain?
  • ​Signs of Gratitude and Measuring Gratitude in Ourselves
  • ​Evolutionary Gratitude – How Did Gratitude Become So Vital to Our Success as A Species? 
  • ​What Gets in the Way of Gratitude? - Narcissism, Ingratitude, and More

Module 5.2

Practical Practices to Cultivate Gratitude

This second section is where Jayney reveals five beneficial exercises to include gratitude as part of your daily life. They are simple, easy to implement systems that you can use to boost your mindfulness for a state of calm. These practices are amazingly powerful and will dramatically improve your innate positivity. You'll wish you'd learnt them years before.

  • ​​Introduction - How Do I Cultivate Gratitude? 
  • ​   - Exercise - Gratitude Letter 
  • ​   - Exercise - Three Good Things 
  •    - ​Exercise - Mental Subtraction of Positive Events 
  • ​   - Exercise - Savouring Walk 
  • ​   - Exercise - Give It Up 

Module 5.3

Gratitude At Work - Practical Practices to Cultivate Gratitude in The Workplace

In this final section of module 5 Jayney reveals the transformative work to experiencing gratitude at work. This section is a MUST if you plan to become a Mindfulness & Resilience practitioner, but everyone can benefit. Although these practices are designed for improving the workplace dynamic, they are relevant in all aspects of our daily lives, and especially within all relationships.

  • ​​Introduction - Seven Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work
  • ​Start At the Top
  • ​Thank The People Who Never Get Thanked
  • ​Aim For Quality, Not Quantity
  • ​Provide Many Opportunities for Gratitude
  • ​Say ‘Thank You’ During Conflict
  • ​In The Wake of Crisis, Take Time for Thanksgiving

Module 6

Ikigai| What It Is and How It Works

Here Jayney shares how to discover, embrace, and cultivate your Ikigai. She also reveals what Ikigai is, its four components and why it’s a fundamental concept of the happiness of living. Jayney also shares seven practices you can use to find your purpose, how to help others find theirs, plus, much more. She rounds out the module with an exercise that enables you to truly discover your own personal ‘meaning of life’. 

  • ​What Is Life Purpose and Ikigai?
  • ​Creating Purpose in Your Life and Inspiring Others 
  • ​Delving Even Deeper into The Four Components of Ikigai
  • ​Three Steps to Discovering Your Ikigai
  • ​Four Steps to Embracing Your Ikigai
  • Three Challenges You Might Face While Discovering Your Ikigai​
  • ​Seven Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life 
  • ​Can Helping Others Help You Find Meaning in Life? 
  • ​   - Exercise - The ‘Meaning in Life’ Questionnaire by Mike Steger, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Module 7

Understanding and Using the Power of Social Connections

This module is where you really do begin to understand the simple pleasures that you have in your life. You’ll discover the real meaning of a ‘social connection’ and why they are so vital to the quality of our happiness, plus how to cultivate meaningful social connections that are right for you and to truly benefit from the support that they can provide. You’ll learn how 'Hygge' and its simple principles can open you up to finding real comfort and closeness with others, but also within your own company. Finally, you'll understand about the Four Horsemen of Relationships and how to negate them from your life. 

  • What Is Social Connection?
  • ​Why Cultivate Social Connection?
  • ​How Do I Cultivate It?
  • ​   - Exercise - Feeling Supported
  • ​   - Exercise - Capitalising on Positive Events
  • ​   - Exercise - Hygge = Cosiness 
  • ​   - Exercise - 36 Questions for Increasing Closeness 
  • ​   - Exercise - Avoiding the Four Horsemen of Relationships 
  • ​   - Exercise - Active Listening 

Module 8

The Healing Power of Mindful Movement

During this module you’ll learn how to increase your joy using exercise, and how it can make you feel braver in your everyday, plus how to enjoy group activities s as to accentuate trust and build a sense of belonging. Additionally, Jayney reveals how introducing and enjoying new activities can amplify your personal growth. She also gives little-known mindfulness tips to make it easier to stick with your new exercise plan and positively adapt when you aren’t meeting your goals.

  • Why Exercise and Movement Helps to Build Mindfulness and Resilience
  • ​Understand How Exercise Can Make Your Brain More Sensitive to Joy
  • ​Exercise Makes You Brave!
  • ​Why Moving with Others Builds Trust and Belonging
  • ​How Trying a New Activity Can Transform Your Self-Image
  • ​How to Stick to Your Exercise Routine
  • ​Why You’re Not Meeting Your Exercise Goals

Module 9

Harness the Power of Forgiveness and Empathy

In this module you’ll discover how to activate your personal power by understanding the power of forgiveness and empathy. Jayney will reveal why these strategies work and show how it can be much easier than you think to change your emotional attachment to any trauma you may have experienced in your life. This is the module that will impact you in ways you never thought possible because you will gain freedom from the hurt and serenity in your understanding.

  • What Is Forgiveness?
  • ​Why Practice Forgiveness?
  • ​   - Exercise – First, Know What Forgiveness Is and Why It Matters
  • ​   - Exercise - Become ‘Forgivingly Fit’
  • ​   - Exercise - Address Your Inner Pain
  • ​   - Exercise - Develop a Forgiving Mind Through Empathy
  • ​   - Exercise - Find Meaning in Your Suffering
  • ​   - Exercise - When Forgiveness Is Hard – How to Call Upon Other Strengths
  • ​   - Exercise - Forgive Yourself
  • ​   - Exercise - Develop A Forgiving Heart

Module 10

How To Build a Thriving Practice You Love

In this penultimate module Jayney is joined by world-renowned Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and NLPer, Ali Campbell. Together they reveal the exact steps to take to develop a thriving practice. You will learn how to discover the practitioner you want to be, what you need to do to find your niche, and how to portray your brand to make your practice thrive. Plus, they'll provide professional insights to making social media work FOR you and why you should be building your business online. If you’re looking to create a book of business that keeps you busy while working on your own terms, this module is your chance to receive real insight into running a Mindfulness & Resilience practice from TWO world-renowned and hugely successful experts!

  • An Introduction to Building Your Practice
  • ​Client Confidentiality, Ethics, and Boundaries
  • ​Who Do You Want to Coach? 
  • ​The Importance of Branding
  • ​Creating Your Unique ‘Niche’ - Scope x Scale ÷ Uniqueness
  • ​Professional Considerations – Memberships, Insurances, and More
  • ​Website and Online Presence
  • ​Why You Really Should Be Building Your Practice Online
  • ​The Tech You’ll Need for Practicing Online


An Hour With Jayney & Dr. Frank Sabatino D.C., Ph.D

Join Jayney for a front row discussion with mindfulness expert, Dr Frank Sabatino. Learn about the power of addiction and how compulsions and cravings drive behavioural changes. Together, they’ll cover their best practices for releasing unhealthy habits, systems to rewire cravings, and the impact of learning to love yourself. They will discuss the power that self-compassion and learning to love oneself can have in changing and deepening our connections to ourselves, those we care about, and even our environment, plus how compassion is vital to living with ourselves and working with others.

  • Addictions, Compulsions, and Cravings
  • ​Release Unhealthy Habits
  • ​Rewire Cravings
  • ​Learning To Love Oneself
  • ​Compassion In Healthcare and Self-Care
  • ​Resilience & Mindfulness in Practice
  • ​Shame, Fear, and Anxiety vs. Self-Compassion
  • ​Creating Deeper Connections with Yourself and Your Surroundings


"Learn The SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Systems For Mastering Mindfulness, Developing Resilience, And Eliminating The Impact Of Stress To Live A Happier, Healthier, & Longer Life Through Simple, Easy-To-Learn Practices That Work, Even If You Have ZERO Prior Experience"
Do you feel as though life is doing its best to trip you up and pull you out of shape?

Maybe you’re struggling to cope with all the turmoil and uncertainty of the last few years. Most people are, and that’s completely understandable, but did you also know that it doesn’t have to be that way for you anymore? 

Imagine a day when life has done its very best to throw the kitchen sink, and more, at you… BUT instead of feeling stress and worry, frustration and fear, you feel fine, calm, centred, and resilient, ready to throw the kitchen sink right back and take the next step forward, towards the life you really want and where you are in control of your emotional state. In fact, you don’t really feel the events of the day the way you used to. 

The first thing you’ll likely notice is just how different your response is to those around you. Family and friends will notice too and ask you how you’re coping so well; what’s your secret? Well, the answer is right here… Jayney Goddard and the Mindfulness & Resilience Academy. 

Just imagine waking up every day feeling refreshed, ready, and even excited to tackle the day, radiating charisma as you go. No matter what happens, nothing rattles you, nothing phases you for long and, even in the worst of life's storms, you’re able to ‘reset’ quickly and easily, get back on track and back on top….That’s the true power of Mindfulness & Resilience.

That sounds like a big promise, and it is. It’s been possible  but not easy… Until now!
In the past you’d have had to find multiple teachers, and guess what... they didn’t live anywhere near you. You’d have had to attend seminars in far flung places, with the hope you might be able to cut through all the theory and find an exercise or study you could actually use in a practical way.

Jayney Goddard has changed ALL of that for you. 

You could say that Jayney has done the hard work so you don’t have to. 

Through her pioneering work dating back 40 years, she has collected the best systems, practices, and protocols available the world over, and combined them into a ‘GREATEST HITS’ to bring you the Mindfulness and Resilience Academy. 

That means you get a lifetime of experience without the years of searching, boring tuition, unneeded classes, and a lot of expense and travel. 

With the best practices you can use Mindfulness to increase your life longevity and even reverse the impact of aging, and help you resist the damaging impact of stress, anxiety, and negativity in our daily lives.

How? By developing your Resilience. Of course, for most of us life can feel like it’s getting on top of us; sometimes it can even feel like it’s all too much. BUT… When you know how, you can ALWAYS reset from those feelings and put yourself on a new track. In short, you can shrug it off and bounce back stronger, no matter what life is throwing at you, but only WHEN you know how.

How to really achieve this is often seen as a mystery, known by only a few who have taken YEARS to learn how to implement it...Until now. 

NOW, you can enjoy a supreme level of SERENITY, no matter the circumstances. 

Mindfulness is scientifically shown to naturally increase your Resilience. That means the more mindful you are, the more you are in control of how you feel and react to the world.

The best part? You don’t need any expensive equipment; you can do it anywhere, and Jayney has made these practices so easy to implement that you can make them work even if you have ZERO prior experience, and even on the busiest, most stressful of days.

It’s time to take back control of your life, manifest natural happiness, and eliminate the impact of stress and ageing with the Mindfulness & Resilience Academy.

Here’s why this Academy is perfect for you…

The Mindfulness & Resilience Academy collects the most powerful, scientifically-proven practices to increase resilience, develop serenity and calm, and naturally improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing, all at the same time. You can join 'just-for-you', or because you'd love to help others too. Jayney has worked with thousands of therapy practice owners at the CMA, and will guide you through the steps so you can build your own sought-after complementary therapy practice where you can help endless amounts of people as a Mindfulness & Resilience Practitioner. She’ll also take you through the steps she herself has taken to become one of the world's leading experts in the field, and a most sought-after Coach. 

Join Jayney and use these techniques to change your own life and the lives of others. Mindfulness and its ability to build Resilience has never been more needed or more in demand, and with these techniques you could be on your own path to enjoying calm, ease, AND financial freedom in your life. 

You can not only develop peace and freedom in your mind, you can develop true financial freedom too. Jayney reveals the EXACT steps to take (even if you have no previous experience) that will lead to a thriving Mindfulness & Resilience practice. You could choose to add it in as a second income stream, or perhaps joining the Mindfulness & Resilience Academy will set you on the path to a whole new career. Either way, Jayney's support in this Academy will help you help yourself and many others too.

Jayney knows firsthand that the Mindfulness space is genuinely recession proof too. In fact, experience to date shows it performs better during tough times.

Times are tough for most people right now, but YOU can help, and YOU can DO WELL from helping. It’s a WIN - WIN for everyone, especially now and for years to come. 

You can use the Mindfulness & Resilience Academy to create the life YOU want. If you go on to do this works and help others, the extra income could take the pressure off each month.

However you’d like to shape your life, Jayney can help you. 

We have a phrase that we think you’ll like - ‘Doing well by doing good'. 

Soon you could be doing very well for yourself, by 'doing good' for others. It really is a WIN - WIN

So, join Jayney as she reveals her professional insights to developing Resilience through Mindfulness, resisting the damage of stress, reversing the impact of age, and FINALLY feeling good no matter what’s going on around you. 

Enrol now and take the first step to a whole new you, just by clicking the link below...

You'll have All You Need To... 
  • ​Reverse The Impact of Stress & Ageing on Your Mind and Body
  • ​​Naturally Increase Your Resilience to Achieve ‘Daoist Monk-Like’ Calm
  • ​Enjoy a Supreme Level of SERENITY...No Matter the Circumstances
  • ​Gain Decades-Worth of Experience All in One Place
  • ​Build A Thriving Practice to Create the Financial Freedom You Want
  • ​And a Lot, Lot More!
Your Mindfulness & Resilience Guide, Jayney Goddard. A World-Renowned Expert
Jayney Goddard is a world-renowned expert and pioneer in Mindfulness, Longevity, and Complementary Health and Wellbeing. 

When she isn’t helping her private clients with an array of skills from, mindfulness, mind/body medicine, homeopathy, or complementary medicine, you can find her filling endless requests for articles from publications around the world or writing her anti-ageing column for Natural Health Magazine.

Away from home, Jayney is in demand internationally too, hosting sold-out seminars, treating high profile clients privately, appearing on talk shows, or lecturing at some of the world's most prestigious universities. Jayney’s warm personality, rakish wit, and sparkling intellect make her a popular and sought-after choice, no matter where she is.

Of course, she also finds time to serve as the president of the Complementary Medical Association, found and co-chair the British Society For Lifestyle Medicine, serve in advisory roles on multiple association boards, and much, much more. 

Jayney is truly world class in her field and has never taught like this ever before. 

Join us and discover why experts trust Jayney to learn about health, happiness, and mindfulness, and why you should too!